Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Makeup Eraser!

I realize I look strange in these images, I had come from doing my District 10 tutorial - but the lighting is pretty bad so it's just washing it out (the downside of starting out at YouTube).

So this is the Makeup Eraser which started out in America I think. There are so many people out there who go to such an effort to get their makeup off. Me, I don't wear much, a little bit of foundation on my nose and under my eyes as I'm so pale it's actually blue... Anyway! Some other people I know wear a whole face of makeup and 10x the amount of products on their face too. So when I'm doing my makeup tutorials I feel their pain of removing it all!

I have really sensitive skin anyway, also I have eczema so doing these tutorials weren't really doing my skin any favors. Still I choose to do them so I don't complain to much haha. I use about 8 wipes to remove all of the makeup and sfx when I do tutorials so looking for an alternative that was kinder to my skin was a must. So when I was sent the Makeup Eraser I was pretty darn excited! 

Face-paint usually is a monster to get off of my face, but this cloth just took it off! I always wear waterproof mascara if I'm to wear any so I didn't see how that was going to come off with just water and this cloth; But it did! It even brought off my waterproof 24 hour eyeliner! That doesn't even come off with wipes unless I really scrub at it! 

**I was sent this product, however all opinion are my own, if I ever don't like something I will say so. Believe me, I'd rather my viewers know my real opinion.**

If you would like to see this product in action you can watch it here
If you want to get this product then also head over to the video as all links and offers for the Makeup Eraser are in the description box :)

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