Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Winter and Wood Watches

Hi everyone! Gosh, not long till Christmas now. I am not one of those people that gets all hyped up before December anyway, but this year I'm really looking forward to giving gifts more than before.
With the Christmas time gaining on us I plan to do some Christmas themed sfx makeup, I have some ideas planned already. Also I am going to be started a Twisted Disney Series, where I will be taking characters from various Disney films and re-creating them - making them either dead, crazy, or using their story-line to twist them somehow. If that sounds interesting then do keep a lookout here, or my instagram or my youtube for the tutorials and runthroughs. I've spent a lot of time at the gym and re-focusing myself, I feel that sometimes we loose that but we have the time to fix things if we want too... Speaking of time! *Gosh I talk too much sometimes*

I received this WoodWatch  . This one I have is part of the Sydney series, this particular watch caught my eye as soon as I visited their website. I think it has a somewhat similar design to an 'IceWatch'' or as I have a 'ToyWatch' Although its made from wood! Yes it's different, I haven't actually seen a watch made from wood before;

With winter here now, I have finally managed to find a pair of boots that are only a little too big for my legs, I've had great difficulty trying to find a pair that fit! They tend to be pretty wide around my legs and then I feel like I'm wearing wellies... This pair was a bargain at about £20 from Primark! For a change I have also purchased a couple pairs of light and tan skinny jeans for this winter to lighten up some of my outfits which consist of either blacks or very dark colours.

If you haven't heard form JORD Wood Watches, they're actually a locally owned company from St. Louis, Missouri and they design/produce 100% wood watches from sustainable materials from all around the world. They have concentrated on mostly male and unisex designs so far but there are several women's watches in the series which are to die for! 

I choose their masterpiece Sydney, which is made from maple and has rose gold dial and is embellished with Swarovski crystals around the bezel. I love sparkly things so the crystals really catch my eye and they're even more stunning in person, a photo can't do this watch enough justice! 

This 'Sydney' is serious arm candy and a statement piece and I assure you are guaranteed to get some serious attention - I mean have you ever seen anything similar? I get asked about it most times when I wear it out. The watch is so unique and  modern, it will go just about anything. I really like the light maple colour too, I have a very pale complexion so I like to wear light toned accessories and darker clothes are kind or my 'thang ;)

Make sure to check out JORDs full wood watch collection on their website - every watch is unique and distinctively crafted - there is something for everyone's taste!

I am uploading content to my youtube channel like nail art tutorials, special effects makeup tutorials, run throughs and reviews so please do head over there to check it out; and maybe subscribe if it looks interesting ;) I have a Primark sale haul here if you like that kind of thing! And here is my latest sfx makeup tutorial, inspired by warm bodies... That's right, part zomby, part skally! 

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*you do not have my permission to use any of my images, I am the owner and you can't use them without asking me first*

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  1. I love the watch babe. you pull it off perfectly!


  2. That's a beautiful watch! It looks great on you! And I think it'd be a perfect gift for someone too

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  3. Fab look <3



  4. Love the watch and you look fab, Happy New Year dear!
    Please Vote for me in Travel +Photography blog awards, link on my blog :)

  5. So beautiful !
    Kiss, Lucie


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