Sunday, 11 September 2016

Summer break in the UK

Heyy! I hope all of you have had a lovely summer holiday! Mine has had it's ups and downs and brought me a few things which have made my year the best year, and a recent event that's kind of put a dampener on my summer but it's life for you :') I ended up ill with blood poisoning so I've been in a bed for quite a while, currently still while blogging now.
Anyway, I have been asked to share a holiday within the UK with my readers, I usually go abroad but this year I went to... Sunny Wales. Surprisingly it was actually really sunny the day we arrived there; then it pretty much got worse weather wise every day. We had some of our Orcadian  relatives come and stay with us there so the weather wasn't a big issue because we got to spend a lot of family time together.

We stayed in two cottages joined by a locking door in the centre, so if your only staying in one then the neighbors can't come in. The cottages we stayed in allowed dogs so we took our two and my sister took her rottweiler too.

 Hulk in the garden (my sisters dog - Zeus's dad)

Zeus enjoying the sun in the garden

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