Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Glamazon forest tribe

Inspired by one of laladreambox's artwork pieces which I came across on her instagram page. This one in particular is called 'Hybrid'. Her pieces are for sale on her website too, which is here.
(Image from Laladreambox's instagram - permission of image use granted)

I have never tried making a head dress before so to be honest I had no idea what I was doing. I took a look at the colours and the patterns in the drawing and decided to use duck, goose and lovebird feathers along with a range of green buttons. I went with the green and yellow/orange colour theme.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Vegan tuck box

Hi everyone!
So I have just moved house whilste mine is being partially ripped down becahse the boiler leaked oil everywhere and the fumes can kill us. Weve now moved to a busier adea and its unbelievable how different it feels to live somewhere so diverse. I mean I'm use to being surrounded by farms and fields.. which stick of animal turd most of the year, but you know what they say 'smell the fresh country air'. Here is way busier, houses lined up and I've nearly been squished by a couple of cars already! Feel like a right country goon. Of course ive been to london for modelling but Its just different living in a busy place.
Anyway, i have been waiting to get internet connection for a while now because there isn't any here yet. The people have got to come out and install of the wiring and all of that stuff (I definitely sound knowledgeable there haha).

I have been talking with Vegan Tuck Box about their products for a while now and they decided to send me a sample of what they offer. I've wanted to be a proper vegetarian for ages now but my mum legit wont let me cook in 'her kitchen' so i have to eat what she cooks... although i wont eat cows because I like them too much! I mainly eat chicken and fish but my parents say I'm already skinny enough and id get ill if i was a vegetarian because I don't eat a wide a range of food to be healthy.
So opening up this box I see plenty of variety, considering these products don't even have any animal product in them, including milk, gelatin etc.

I love reading through all of your lovely comments and I try my best to get back to as many as I can! I also visit as many blogs as I can and checkout your stuff.

If your are just going to ask me to follow your blog then please follow my blog first with G+ at the right-hand side of this blog and then I'm happy to follow yours in return. Otherwise, please don't just ask me to follow yours.

I don't just do special effects makeup, I will be doing beauty, product reviews, vlogs, nail art etc so please don't be scared off by the gore, it's not real! :D

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