Thursday, 24 September 2015

Feeling Biker Chic

Hi everyone! I've received a couple of awesome things in the post I've been really excited to post on here, so I went out to have the photos taken. The sun was out and I was swarmed by my dogs haha, I didn't shoo them off though because they was enjoying it... Zeus especially is such a poser! Hes the brown one, he's actually still a puppy believe it or not, hes just massive! Prepare for an photo heavy post in 3..2..1...

 my baby! 

 That attitude though!
 Thanks Zeus, just lick your bits on camera...

 Paws wants kisses!
I look short here haha, I'm 5'9'' whaaa

just wait haha
Swapping up the look a bit, I love the boots with thick cozy tights and an A-Line skirt. I just got out the shower and I'm about ready to go to bed to I didn't want to get all dressed up and do my hair haha

So I was sent a parcel from Justfor5 and I was so excited to open it up as I didn't no this was coming!
I saw these boots and they are just my style, I don't tend to wear boots the intended way; I lace them up a bit different at the top so they are more outwards than downwards after the fold. How much are these booties? Literally... £5 what a steal! I've been needing a new pair of biker looking boots for a while as my good old ones, well the heal fell off; but I have had them for years and years so I cant really complain..I'll just cry instead aha

Now something you may all be thinking, but what is the quality like? I can honestly tell you that it's no different to what I can find in somewhere like New Look or other high-street stores. The little heel is a good solid heel so it's not just going to wear off, the material of the actual shoes are strong, I will say though that I wore them with out socks the first time I wore them and I was out all day and it did hurt the back of my foot a little, but any boots could do this when they're brand new as they need wearing in a bit so I don't blame the boots.

If you like these boots then you can find them here as you will see they do look a bit different on the website as I have laced and styled them slightly different.

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*TFC - this ppst features a pair of boots that were gifted to me from Just5pounds. This is not a sponsored post and all products are my own, any opinions any own*
*you do not have my permission to use any of my images, I am the owner and you can't use them without asking me first*

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  1. You're killing it in both looks! I really love those boots too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    xo, Jackie

  2. Great outfit! If you want to follow each other, let me know in comment on my blog. x

    Fashion Spell

  3. I am in love with this badass look! So chic, those boots are amazing!

    Xo Chelsea

  4. lovely photos! and I love your puppies! so cute!

  5. Zeus is so cute! Love the edgy feeling in this look.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. You look so cool and your baby is so beautiful!!!
    Have a nice day doll,


  7. Great outfit and gorgeous boots!

  8. Loving the biker vibes you're giving off with this look, and your dogs really are quite the posers as well, haha. :)


  9. Love the jacket!
    -xo, Shell

  10. Totally love the biker look! It's my fave! The jacket is amazing! You look stunning!
    Much love,

  11. Love ur attitude in this look! Very edgy!

  12. That's really amazingly cheap for a pair of shoes. Your curls are impressive buy the way :)

    Bold Bliss

  13. Very cool look. Love the urban chic vibe :)

    Lu |

  14. You have good height, I am just 5'6 :D Have a great day, Kisses!


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