Thursday, 24 September 2015

Feeling Biker Chic

Hi everyone! I've received a couple of awesome things in the post I've been really excited to post on here, so I went out to have the photos taken. The sun was out and I was swarmed by my dogs haha, I didn't shoo them off though because they was enjoying it... Zeus especially is such a poser! Hes the brown one, he's actually still a puppy believe it or not, hes just massive! Prepare for an photo heavy post in 3..2..1...

I love reading through all of your lovely comments and I try my best to get back to as many as I can! I also visit as many blogs as I can and checkout your stuff.

If your are just going to ask me to follow your blog then please follow my blog first with G+ at the right-hand side of this blog and then I'm happy to follow yours in return. Otherwise, please don't just ask me to follow yours.

I don't just do special effects makeup, I will be doing beauty, product reviews, vlogs, nail art etc so please don't be scared off by the gore, it's not real! :D

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