Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sun Set Palm Trees

So these are the nails I did on my cousin whilst I was away on holiday last week , I recreated them once I got home for tutorial purposes and have now completed it to show you all.

(snippets from the tutorial)

This was created using a basic kit I luckily took on holiday with me and I think it's pretty simple to create. I love painting nails and faces and everything now! :D I've put the tutorial below:

A full product list is included on the youtube video description - here so if anyone wants to get any of the products in the video they're all over there. This is also the first nail art tutorial where I've put my face in it and spoke to you before and after the actual tutorial, I feel that's kind of necessary now as I really want to connect with you all; so please do excuse where I mess up and get confused about what I'm talking about haha!

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