Monday, 24 April 2017

Landy Travels! Bersey Sea!

I made a recent post About Landy Travels to Twatt, during the same holiday in Orkney we too a went out to Bersey beach and intended on having a nice walk... But someone spotted a little concrete slope just big enough to fit the Landy down. So Landy got the sweet taste of the beach air, turned her round and parked her up in the sun.
If I didnt tell you how cold and windy i was you would think from the photos it was nice and warm, with warm sea and toasty sand. Think again. I was so SO cold! As for the wind it kept blowing into my wellies and hen making me trip over my own feet!

Landy Travels! Twatt!

Hi everyone! I'd like to apologise for not posting in a while, I have been planning some great new content and gathering props and photos and everything I need.
Now I know some of you might not like trucks and landies, so for You this post might not be of interest, but please enjoy the tour!

We took my dogs and they loved it! Anyway, after watching Top Gear years ago I'd always wanted to find the Twatt sign; you ever saw the episode on rudest place names in the UK? Well this one was harder to find than any of us thought.. 
The day we decided to go out and find this sign we actually spent over half of the day driving in and out of Twatt from every road we could find. You see, apparently tourists like to steal these Twatt signs; probably just because they saw them on Top Gear. At the end of the day though, what are you going you do with a sign that big?! Anyway, we stopped and asked several people, I think one lady thought I was insulting her but oh well :')  
When the day was coming to an end, we headed back to our cottage and called it a day, I took to Facebook to ask everyone where exactly was there a sign left? Many local replied with pinpoints or locations on Google Maps which made things so much easier - So thanks to you bunch!

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Christmas and Grinchy suprises!

Hiii! Hope you're all having a great Christmas, and I wish you all the best into the New Year!

For me it has been a bit of a different Christmas, I decided to go to a care home on Christmas day and sit with some old people. I did find it extremely hard - I miss my nanny so much so its kind of raw still. My mum was working on Christmas day so I went out in the afternoon and slept out, I had lovely company and I felt at home <3

Just before Christmas was the works do...
It was a beautiful meal and everything was decorated so nice! I had a poached tuna starter, a Christmas dinner with Turkey, then a gorgeous cheesecake for dessert. There was a disco, and then I stopped there overnight.. I may have got a little drunk at the end! 

My outfit was a black sequin dress, I think it was the Nicole dress from Missguided. However I did take the stitching apart so I could make the waist smaller, adjust the bust and also the thigh part just below my bum.

Monday, 10 October 2016

DeGloved finger!

While I was on a family break I was sent an image of a real degloved finger... After nearly throwing up I though a recreation would actually look pretty cool, So when I came home I took a couple days trying to decide how I could make a mold of my finger with the supplies I have and in the shortest time possible. I ended up going for a liquid latex... Only once taken off the finger and turned it inside out so the messy side was concealed.. I realized that all of the details that should dip like around the nails were raised. Yes, because it was inside out :') to get around this i just painted the nail pink the same colour as my other nails and it was no longer noticeable. I recorded a run through of the whole process and the final results

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Summer break in the UK

Heyy! I hope all of you have had a lovely summer holiday! Mine has had it's ups and downs and brought me a few things which have made my year the best year, and a recent event that's kind of put a dampener on my summer but it's life for you :') I ended up ill with blood poisoning so I've been in a bed for quite a while, currently still while blogging now.
Anyway, I have been asked to share a holiday within the UK with my readers, I usually go abroad but this year I went to... Sunny Wales. Surprisingly it was actually really sunny the day we arrived there; then it pretty much got worse weather wise every day. We had some of our Orcadian  relatives come and stay with us there so the weather wasn't a big issue because we got to spend a lot of family time together.

We stayed in two cottages joined by a locking door in the centre, so if your only staying in one then the neighbors can't come in. The cottages we stayed in allowed dogs so we took our two and my sister took her rottweiler too.

 Hulk in the garden (my sisters dog - Zeus's dad)

Zeus enjoying the sun in the garden

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